Integrated Management System Policy

Relyon Shipping Policy guarantees performance of its services at highest quality level, fulfilling all quality requirements set by our clients. We acknowledge that in order to provide quality service we need to pay special attention to health & safety precautions at all locations where our company operates. Environmental management system and pollution prevention system is an integral part of Relyon Shipping Company Policy.
  • Our employees have necessary competence and knowledge
  • Every employee has his own tasks and responsibilities with special emphasis on quality.
  • We listen to our clients and carefully process their requirements.
  • We acknowledge that our industry assumes working activity 24/7, various challenges and strict deadlines (cargo deliveries terms)
  • We work as a team, combining all strong characteristics of our employees.
  • We regularly review potential need for additional education of our personnel and provide necessary training in order to improve quality.
  • we provide necessary working environment and equipment to our employees.
  • We also try to make sure that our subcontractors and vendors comply with our standards.
  • We use contemporary information technologies, which help us to provide services to a highest level.
During our work we strictly abide to the following principles of Health and Safety:
  • We aim to achieve full compliance with local and international rules regarding Health and Safety which relate to our main business activities.
  • We closely co-operate with out clients and subcontractors on questions relating to Health and Safety.
  • We always supply our employees at port with all necessary safety and protection equipment as well as employees working in our office. (Special clothing, trainings, education, life and health insurances)
  • We also closely monitor our subcontractors to make sure that they have necessary procedures relating to Health and Safety.
  • We always set targets for constant improvement of our management systems relating to Health and Safety
  • We follow our industry global trends relating to Health and Safety.
  • It is our strict belief that Health and Safety is a vital aspect of provision of our services.
  • We ensure that on all individual tasks, our employees have necessary competence relating to Health and Safety.
  • Relyon Shipping SIA Company Management considers its duty to implement all necessary procedures relating to Health and Safety.
We are interested in constant improvement of our systems relating to care for Environment through:
  • Monitoring of environmental legislation and standards which apply to our logistics industry.
  • Decreasing negative influence of Relyon Shipping SIA work on environment and implementation of mechanisms of control and limitation of pollution.
  • Usage of all possibilities of appropriate utilization of waste products and re-cycling of waste.
  • Setting goals to be a good example of environmentally friendly company within our industry.
  • We expect from our partners and subcontractors to have internal systems relating to Environmental Management.
Policy of our company is constant improvement of our services and skills of our employees. We set goals and targets to improve quality of our services and overall competence of our employees. This Policy Statement is available to all concerned parties associated with our company. We pledge to execute and abide to all legal norms and standards, satisfy requirements of all parties concerned and undertake to correspond to all applied requirements and guarantee constant improvement of management systems.


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